The rise of internetwork has made more and more office workers inseparable from an office chair. Sitting for up to 8 hours a day makes us sore and sore. All kinds of sick people are buried in the spine.

In order to alleviate the harm of sitting for a long time in the office, more and more people will choose a comfortable office chair to relieve the pressure on the spine. Let me share with you how to choose a comfortable office chair.

Most office workers do not know which kind of chair is right for them, and it is difficult to judge what is a good office chair, so I will share with you the literacy knowledge about purchasing office chairs, and deconstruct one for everyone from head to toe about what quality standards should a good office chair have, how to correct the sitting posture and protect the important parts of the body so that you will not be tired from sitting for a long time.

We know that the natural state of the spine and the correct sitting posture are more helpful for us to choose office chairs. Often back pain is caused by the compression of the spine caused by improper sitting posture. In the correct sitting posture, the spine will be in a neutral position when viewed from the front and a normal physiological curve when viewed from the side.

When sitting, the spine bears all the weight of the upper body, and the spine relies on the intervertebral discs to cushion the pressure. The chart below shows the pressure on the intervertebral disc in different sitting positions. Among them, the forward-leaning posture puts the greatest pressure on the intervertebral disc, so try to avoid desk work.

And often the sitting posture is hunched forward because the seat does not have a comfortable backrest, so when choosing an office chair, you must avoid those styles that are too short or cannot adjust the height of the backrest. Fit the back of the chair to the back to reduce pressure on the intervertebral discs. A really good ergonomic office chair can use external force to straighten the waist while maintaining the normal physiological curve of the spine and has adjustable armrests to give sufficient arm support.

So a good office chair is one that allows you to maintain or adjust the correct sitting position relatively easily. Based on the above points, we can disassemble the office chair into five parts for analysis in more detail and specificity: backrest, seat cushion, armrest, lifting chassis, and chair legs, and understand what requirements a good office chair should have.

Look at the backrest

The backrest is the most important part of choosing an office chair. It supports your entire lower back and head, so first of all, it has high requirements for its strength, and secondly, the backrest should have a lumbar support curve design, which can reduce weight. Your waist is stressed so that you can still feel comfortable after sitting for a long time, and it is not easy to have a backache.

In addition, we should pay great attention to the height of the backrest. Office chairs with too short backrests cannot provide good support for the body, which will lead to an improper sitting posture and affect the health of the spine. Therefore, it is best to choose an office chair with a high backrest or a freely adjustable backrest.

Of course, an office chair with an adjustable backrest angle is the most ideal. According to the use in different scenarios, proper adjustment of the inclination can help you maintain a correct sitting posture all the time. Naturally relieves stress on the legs and back.

High-end office chairs have lumbar support on the backrest, and the backrest with lumbar support is a qualitative leap in comfort. And as you get older, the need for this lumbar support increases. Because each person's waist is different, the waist support must be adjustable and can be easily adjusted to a comfortable position.

Finally, with a headrest on the back of the chair, the cervical spine can be fully supported and rested. And its height and pitch angle must be adjustable. In addition, the headrest is easily attacked by human sweat and hair oil, so a chair with a removable headrest for washing will be our first choice.

Look at the cushion

To see if the cushion of an office chair is good or not, you must first see whether it conforms to the curve of the human body's hips and thighs. A cushion that is too flat and too hard will increase the burden on the coccyx, while a cushion that is too soft and has no concave curve will affect the legs. blood circulation. A soft cushion that conforms to the curve can reduce the pressure on the tailbone, thereby reducing fatigue. 

The second point is to look at the material. Generally, the cushion fabric has three choices: mesh surface, cloth surface, and leather surface. The advantage of choosing a cloth surface is that it has an excellent wrapping feeling and cushioning of the sponge pad, and the pressure is small, but the air permeability is not as good as that of the net surface. face it!

The leather surface is divided into artificial leather and genuine leather according to the price. The common advantage is that the skin-friendly softness is much better than the cloth mesh surface. But artificial leather is cheap after all, and its air permeability is worse than that of cloth, and it is easy to peel off and damage. There are basically no disadvantages to leather, but it is expensive, and you get what you pay for.

In addition to the fabric of the seat cushion, whether the seat depth can be freely adjusted is also an important selection reference standard, because if you can adjust the appropriate seat depth according to your height and leg length, it can reduce the fatigue caused by long-term work. Improve comfort.

Look at the armrest

Compared with other parts, the presence of the armrest is not so strong. But a good armrest design can effectively relieve the pressure on the shoulders and arms. Many people think that the armrests of office chairs are optional, but in fact, they are very different. Because its fixed armrest height cannot be suitable for everyone, it is basically not used in the daily office. And the armrests, which can be adjusted according to personal comfort, can fully play their role.

When using the mouse and keyboard in the office, most of the arms and elbows are hanging in the air, which puts a great burden on the upper arm muscles. At this time, custom-adjustable armrests like this are particularly important. Adjusting to a suitable height can effectively support the arm and relax the arm muscles.

Look at the lifting chassis

The lifting chassis is the core of the office chair, and the most basic configuration will include the lifting air pressure rod, the height adjustment rod, and the chassis. The adjustable functional configuration is of course the richer the better because everyone has different heights, leg lengths, and waist lengths. In order to comfortably adapt to various sitting positions, it is necessary to have rich adjustability.

The adjustable height range of the lift rod determines the height of the seat cushion. In the best sitting posture, the height of the seat cushion should be satisfied with the lower edge of the kneecap when you stand in front of the chair; when sitting on the chair, leave a distance of 5cm between the inner side of the knee and the front of the chair. So you can judge whether the height adjustable range of this chair is suitable for you according to your calf and leg length.

Another major point of the chassis is safety and stability, and the choice of its material is extremely important. As we all know, the heavier the chassis, the more stable the office chair will sit, even half-lying. Therefore, when selecting, it is necessary to see whether the chassis is thickened and explosion-proof steel.

Look at the certification standards of gas lift

The quality of the gas lift also determines the safety of the seat, so be careful when choosing. It is not difficult to distinguish between good and bad, because the pneumatic rod also has certification standards for identification.

At present, the gas lifts on the market have one level: the cheapest gas lift, the thickness of the outer tube is 1.0mm, and the inner tube is 1.5mm. This kind of air pole cannot pass the international BIFMA test. The lift is not comfortable, it will shake, there will be an obvious impact sound when people stand up, and there will be an obvious sinking feeling when sitting down. Brand merchants basically do not use this type of gas lift, but some low-end market computer chairs on the market will use it. 

Secondary gas lift: The thickness of the outer tube is 1.2mm (or 1.0mm), and the inner tube is 2.0mm. There are plastic parts and steel ball bearings. The secondary gas lifts produced by the brand merchants may pass the BIFMA test, but because the 1.2mm thick outer tube is not guaranteed to pass the push-back and backup durability test, it can only be said that it is barely qualified to play an edge ball. Its performance in all aspects is better than that of the first class, and because of its good cost performance, many domestic products use this standard gas lift.

Three-stage gas rod: the thickness of the outer tube is 1.5mm, the inner tube is 2.0mm, and the plastic parts use steel ball bearings. Three-stage aero bars are truly BIFMA-tested. The brand's corporate products are basically matched with this grade of gas poles.

Four-stage gas rod: the thickness of the outer tube is 1.5mm, the inner tube is 2.0mm, and the inner tube is black, and has been quenched and hardened. It is not very common in the computer chairs on the market. Some high-end brands will specify special specifications for products that exceed the BIFMA standard.

How to detect the performance of the air pressure lever of the lift chair, you can raise the chair to the highest, and then lower it a little bit. If the chair does not rebound when it is lowered to the bottom, it means that the quality of the air pressure pump is not good enough, and the height of the chair is adjusted. The features are not that great.

Look at the legs of the chair

Office chair legs are usually divided into fixed bow frames and movable wheel frames. The bow-shaped chair legs are generally used in conference rooms, and there is no adjustability at all to help adjust the correct sitting posture. Therefore, compared with the daily office, the movable wheel frame is more flexible and convenient, and it is the first choice for office chairs.

The above is all about the key points of purchasing office chairs in this article. I hope it can help you more or less. However, in order to have a healthy body, in addition to a comfortable office chair, proper getting up and activities, the combination of work and rest is the way to sustainable development.