Raise your hand if you've been there. Picture this: You wander through multiple furniture stores looking for the perfect piece of furniture, only to return empty-handed, frustrated, and take a record number of steps. The best of us have all come across.

But don't despair -luckily, technology has made buying furniture a lot easier. The best furniture stores usually have a decent online presence, making searching for what you need a breeze. Looking to buy kids' bedroom furniture? Don't worry. Looking to buy sofas online? An easy job.

If you are looking for the best online furniture store in Australia, we have your back. Below you will learn what areas you should work on. With our curated list of online furniture stores, you'll find the perfect hairpin coffee table in no time.

1. Icon by Design

If you're the type of person who wants to invest in the classic wooden home furniture, then Icon by Design is an online store for furniture that you shouldn't miss. Driven by the ethos of creating timeless, affordable, and sustainable pieces, the team strives to design pieces that can become family heirlooms, garnering the same admiration today as they do forty years later.

2. Interiors Secret

Look, we all love the designs of Hans Wegner, Isamu Noguchi, Eames, and Marcel Breuer as much as anyone else, but it's hard to afford without a very sizable bank account These works. So how do you get that quality designer look and feel without breaking the bank? Shhh, they're called Interiors Secret.

3. Brosa

Brosa is for the home decorator who wants well-constructed, designer-style furniture that will stand the test of time. From ornate accent chairs to designer bed frames and a range of matching items, Brosa's collections clearly represent their belief in providing well-designed furniture and decor at fair and acceptable price points.

4. Lounge lovers

If you want a sofa in fabric, leather, or velvet, you can trust Lounge Lovers to offer you a variety of colors, sizes, and modular options! But don't be fooled by the name, it's not just lounges - you Will be delighted with the quality, design, and workmanship of the rest of the furniture. This is a testament to their brand ethos of providing high-quality, beautiful, yet affordable furniture.

5. LivingStyles

Like Temple & Webster is an online retailer of all furniture brands and styles, where you can expect to find all your furniture essentials at great prices! But don't worry, there are thousands of furniture to choose from. LivingStyles' online store narrows it down for you, offering extensive category filtering and furniture style curation to make your search easier.

6. Hub Furniture

Similar to Living Edge, Hub Furniture also focuses on residential and commercial spaces. They're on our list of places to buy Australian furniture because the brand has mastered the art of blending international furniture, lighting and lifestyle brands with curated pieces from international and local artists.

7. Matt Blatt

Have you ever fantasized about returning to your downtown penthouse after a long day at work and pouring yourself a martini? Matt Blatt might be the online furniture retailer for you.

8. Koskela

If you care deeply about our planet and its people (and we all should), then Koskella's vision might appeal to you. The team at Koskela believes in acting with the utmost care possible when it comes to our planet, and this is reflected in the way they work, source their ingredients, sell their products and treat people.

9. Fenton & Fenton

Fenton and Fenton fans are bold, experimental, and not afraid of color. The store is known for stocking a range of well-known brands that are popular in the design world. Such as Seletti, Sarah Ellison, Sally Kent and Woodrow. Also, if you're looking for some art to adorn your walls, the store has a beautiful range of sculptures, limited edition photographic prints, illustrations and paintings by Australian and international artists.

10. Curated Spaces

If you are looking for Cesca chairs, Wassily chairs, travertine hall tables, or marble bases, then Curated Spaces has you covered. The team behind Curated Spaces has amassed a massive following on Instagram in recent years and is very passionate about sustainability and sourcing gorgeous wines

11. Castlery

If you haven't heard of the brand, you probably stumbled upon it while browsing #HomeInspo pics on Instagram. Castlery is a neutral, elegant, and high-quality piece of furniture not to be missed on this list. The best part about shopping online at Castlery is that they showcase a "Shopping Looks" option that helps you put together some great shopping ideas.

12. Freedom

This is a furniture brand that has existed since the 80s and now has multiple stores across the country. But if you want to see their full range of furniture and home décor, their online store is a super useful tool. There's something out there for anyone with any style and budget.

13. West Elm

As if we were going to forget about West Elm. These guys are an institution and have been around since 2002. They're really popular, and it's not hard to see why. The company was founded in a spirit of affordable modern design with a conscience. 90% of West Elm's products are designed in-house and most of the materials used to create each collection are sustainably sourced and Fairtrade certified.

14. MCM House

Sydney-based MCM House needs to be on this list. Do you know how we're all obsessed with soft, deep linen loungers? This brand specializes in timeless, classic, and contemporary furniture, and while it might cost you a little, the designs stand up to both aesthetics and quality The test of time. According to Charles, the brand is aspirational but achievable, and we love that.

15. BoConcept

When you start Googling where to buy furniture, BoConcept will undoubtedly always come up. The high-end lifestyle brand born in Scandinavia has become a household name in Denmark and internationally – especially in Australia. So, while you're searching for the perfect wooden dining table, you might also stumble upon a mango leaf sculpture to sit in the center of the table. It's your one-stop shop.

16.Great Dane Furniture

Whether you are still in the stage of window decoration for house decoration, or you are ready to start, Great Dane Furniture is one of the first choices for buying furniture in Australia, especially in Sydney. If you're looking for a unique, forever piece of furniture that always wows your guests, this is the place.

17. Cult Designs

If you're new to the Australian furniture game, Cult Design is one name you should keep on your list. If authenticity, timeless design and craftsmanship are top of your wish list, this is the place to go. A contemporary home of distinctive silhouettes, vibrant artwork and "cult" furniture that never overdoes but always turns heads. You can also find outdoor furniture.

18. Tait

Manufactured in Melbourne Tait has become our go-to place for outdoor furniture that is well-made and well-designed. As a reflection of how we live, the brand understands the need to relax and entertain – striking a fine balance between comfort and outdoor furniture that feels like an extension of your indoor living space. Who knew outdoor lounge chairs could be so sexy?

19. Modern Times

What sets Modern Times furniture store in Fitzroy apart from other brands is its unique combination of contemporary Australian art and design with vintage European design furniture. The store started as a series of pop-ups and became permanent in 2012. In essence, Modern Times is a mid-century furniture lover's dream; egg-shaped chairs, wood cabinets and coffee tables, like a scene from A Single Man. The store also has a gallery, so you can spend hours admiring it.

20. Nau

If modern, on-trend furniture is what you're after, then you should really check out Nau. The entire design team was selected from Australia, all with a curious and passionate approach to furniture design. Seats and tables make up most of Nau's collection, but you can also pick up a new bed or some chandeliers here.

21. SKEEHAN Studio

Act-based design studio SKEEHAN was established in 2011 to provide clients with a start-to-finish service. If you have a specific idea of what you want in your home, SKEEHAN will be more than happy to work with you to make it a reality.

All products in all collections are carefully crafted and fully functional in their approach. The Atrium armchair, for example, has a simple frame design with a leather fabric upholstery, making it suitable for almost any setting.

22. Space

As a leader in unique luxury design, the brand has a strong reputation in Australia and throughout South East Asia. While the brand's pieces are certainly premium, the attention to detail and unparalleled attention to design cannot be overlooked; most, if not all, of their pieces are handcrafted in Italy. There's not much else you can buy in Australia

23. Replica Furniture

If you've got your heart set on a particular piece of 20th-century designer furniture but can't get your hands on it, Replica Furniture is one of the places you should check out. Committed to providing quality imitation furniture and lighting inspired by classic 20th-century designs at affordable prices, you will be able to decorate your house exactly the way you want. Affordable, durable and high-quality furniture will help you realize your vision.

24. The Modern Furniture Store

Another Scandinavian design-inspired furniture treasure, The Modern Furniture Store prides itself on creating high-quality products, designed and manufactured in solid wood, designed to be used and appreciated every day at home or at work. It's exactly what you'd expect and more.

25. Living Edge

One of the best things about buying furniture through Living Edge is that the company offers specific shopping aisles for your home or work and office. Living Edge is known for its commitment to sustainable design; attracting the interest of architects, interior designers and design enthusiasts. In 2017, the brand achieved carbon neutrality and reduced its carbon footprint by 58% in 2020.

26. St Barts

Step into Brisbane's St Barth's Island, a seaside outback lover's paradise. Rattan, linen and light wood dining chairs and dining tables will transform your home into a bohemian retreat. The store also has a wide range of furniture at different price points, so you can find something that fits your home and budget. Surprisingly, some of the store's most notable pieces are pendants and lamps, with a huge selection of Balinese-inspired designs.

27. FrancoCrea

All of the brand's products are designed and manufactured in Adelaide or Melbourne and are named and certified with a Certificate of Authenticity. The company is known for creating luxury furniture for everyday life - never compromising on form or function. The design approach is minimal but high quality, with a nostalgic and regenerative quality that brings romance to contemporary pieces. The materials used are also sustainably sourced, proving that you can create luxury while remaining environmentally conscious.

28. Retro Room

Once a popular market stall, Vintage House officially took root in 2019 as the classic furniture store the city can't stop talking about. Founder Kathy White, who masterminded the "Mad Man"-inspired mid-century company, spent countless hours scouring junkyards, garage sales, auctions and op stores across the country looking for. So, you can be sure that these pieces of furniture are truly unique. It's like a curated space, but in real life, and you're bound to find a gem (or a few) to add to your collection.

29. Mocka

Originally founded in New Zealand as a store specializing in children's bedroom furniture, Mocka has since expanded to produce high-quality furniture for your entire home, from dining tables to coffee tables, emphasizing modern, timeless design, and has moved its base of operations to Australia. However, the brand's commitment to quality and sustainability has not changed.

30. Oscar and Willow

If you're looking for Scandinavian-inspired design in Adelaide, look no further than Oscar and Willow. The minimalist, fresh products make me feel like I should be at home with Pernille Teisbaek. Think wooden benches from the iconic Danish design Skagerak, and cloud-like sofas from Noisraft. The brand's lighting is also notable, offering a large range of floor and pendant lights to help finish any space.

31. Ligne Roset

If you talk to anyone about the best places to buy stylish furniture, Ligne Roset is almost always on their list. All of the brand's furniture is manufactured in Rhône, France, which explains its distinctly European and high-end character. In addition to products from the brand itself, it also has a range of products from internationally renowned designers; so, the variety is endless. From mid-century masterpieces to Art Deco statement sofas.

32. The Montauk Lighting Co

The Montauk Lighting Co brought New York City, and the Hamptons in particular, to Australia, bringing quality lighting from the Upper East Side. If you're looking for a lamp or fixture that will bring more harmony to your home, this is the company's specialty.

33. Jardan

Although the brand's flagship store is in Melbourne, there's no denying that Jardan has become a fixture in Sydney's furniture and design scene. Its Paddington store is a gold mine of design creativity, but if you can't make it there, you can shop online or find a store closer to you. Jardan is an Australian family furniture business established in 1987 on the idea that good design can have a profound impact on our lives. To this day, Jardan believes that no machine can replace the hand or the eye; that's why all of the brand's products are custom-made.

34. Coco Republic

When it comes to luxury furniture, Coco Republic has long been a household name for Sydneysiders in decorating their homes. Think luxurious velvets, chrome and brass details, hardware and prominent marble pieces. The furniture company, founded more than 40 years ago, is known for its meticulous attention to detail—an elegance not found in many other home furnishing brands.

35. Editeur

You might not recognize the name Editeur intuitively, but just visit the Perth showroom and you'll see why the store is on our Australian furniture shopping list. Going against minimalist design, Editeur is for the design-savvy; curating a carefully balanced collection of rare and unique vintage pieces mixed with the best of contemporary design. Gold tones, bold animal prints, abstract coffee tables and memorable and unique homewares abound.

36. Roxby Lane

As the exclusive distributor of Globe West products in Western Australia, Roxby Lane should be a clear choice when looking for new furniture. The company offers affordable designer products and design solutions for your home that is both contemporary and very timeless. The overall aesthetic leans more towards minimalism, focusing on high-quality materials and durable designs.

37. Worn Store

Byron Bay-based Australian furniture brand Worn Store was founded in 2015 by Lia-Belle King and Lotte Barnes from the back of their Sling Chair, which in a way symbolizes the company's commitment to craftsmanship, community and quality. The leather used for the seats is free of chemical dyes and treatments, the wood comes from renewable forests and the chairs themselves are handcrafted by local Indonesian artisans. Since then, the much-loved brand has grown to include side tables, desks, bedside tables and even resort apparel that fully embodies the Worn Store lifestyle.

38. King Living

Quality and innovation have been key factors in Australian furniture brand King Living's success over the past 40 years, building and developing a reputation for locally designed, flexible and timeless modular sofas. The Jasper and Delta are adaptable seating models that offer comfortable sleeping options and storage space, and clever accessories including shelving inserts and side tables add extra living layers.

39. Robert Plumb

Outdoor specialist Robert Plumb's business revolves around celebrating the Australian way of life outside. The Australian furniture brand specializes in locally designed and crafted furniture for alfresco entertaining areas, poolside or city balconies. Whether you're after a sun lounger, a dining setting or an upholstered sofa, in contemporary cool designs, matched with locally sourced timber, premium weather-resistant upholstery fabrics and locally handcrafted at Sydney's Botany Warehouse.

40. Jonathan Adler

Forget Scandinavian minimalism – Jonathan Adler is for those who want to add some style and personality to their home. Adler’s curated collections, by turns brash and gaudy, are punctuated with a touch of bling alongside side tables, sculptural chairs and heavy metal cabinets. Minimalist design, originality and impeccable materials abound.

41. Arthur G

Founded and produced in Melbourne, Arthur G's Perth store is a must-see. The company uses the highest quality raw materials sourced from local and international suppliers, paired with fabrics and natural leathers from around the world to create its products; and offers a 10-year structural guarantee on all Arthur G creations. The company also lets you return items you like for recycling as part of its commitment to sustainability. The classic design is made to last.

42. Zaneti

If you're in the process of redecorating your outdoor living area and can't seem to find anything original, add Zaneti to your list. The online store focuses on colorful, functional, innovative and fun furniture you won't find a beige lounge chair here. From traditional garden furniture and hotel settings to poolside lounge settings; Zaneti offers nationwide delivery and a three-year warranty on all of its products. The easiest way to add personality to your backyard or outdoor space.

43. DesignStuff

DesignStuff is a relatively new furniture online store to our attention, but it's quickly making its way to our list of furniture to buy in Australia. The Scandinavian-centric online store prioritizes superior craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and design integrity. You'll be able to find globally sourced and curated home decor, furniture and art that will instantly transform your home into a design lover's dream. If you love Danish design, you'll spend hours browsing the DesignStuff website and Instagram.

44. Zuster

Dutch for 'sister,' Zuster was founded by, and subsequently run by sisters Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel. Despite the Dutch name, Zuster's manufacturing is based in Australia and managed by third sister Katrina Myers and father Meyer Sibbel. The family business began generations ago in Holland, then migrated to our shores.

45. Ross Gardem

Ross Gardam is an Australian furniture and lighting company established in 2007. Each product is hand-crafted in Melbourne by local artisans, using a mixture of traditional craft techniques and high-end manufacturing technology. The result is a collection of elegant and accessible products for a contemporary audience - all beautiful, simple solutions to complex design problems. Ross Gardam is also known for incorporating sustainable design principles and efficient material use into his products.

46. Mark Tuckey

Mark Tuckey the business has been 25 years in the making when Mark Tuckey, the man, started out with $200, a blue F-100 truck and some recycled timber picked up from building sites. His wife Louella came on board in 2005, marrying her background in furniture and interior design to the business Mark had already built. Together they rebranded as Mark Tuckey in 2006, and currently have a store in Melbourne and a Byron Bay location opening soon.
Timber dominates the Mark Tuckey collections, which cater to practically every room in the house save the kitchen.

47. Dessein

Taking the French word for 'design', Dessein Furniture was founded in 2012 by Michele Chow, in response to rising demand for contemporary, uniquely styled, Australian-designed timber furniture. Dessein operates by a set of four guiding principles: Australian design, affordable quality, customer choice, and sustainability. For its first collection, Dessein brought together Sydney-based craftsmen Jon Goulder and Adam Goodrum, and Melbourne-based industrial designer Justin Hutchinson, setting the brand well on the way toward its goal of becoming a strong platform for Australian designers.

48. Temple & Webster

Whether it's luxury furniture you're after or stylish yet affordable furniture, you should have no problems finding what you're looking for at Temple & Webster. Temple & Webster stock over 130,000 products at any one time and their carefully selected range run the Gamut from lower-cost items through to high-end designer furniture, giving shoppers access to a wide variety of brands to suit every budget.

49. Zanui

Like Temple & Webster, Zanui also offers an extensive product range to help Australians transform their homes. From colorful rugs to designer lighting, decorative accents and a huge range of kids' furniture all online, you'll be able to find everything you need to deck out your entire home.

50. Domo

Specializing in both indoor and outdoor furniture, Domo is home to some of Europe's most prestigious furniture brands here in Australia. Founded in 1984, Domo now stocks over 12 international collections including Ligne Roset, Sika Design, Wittmann, Arte2Brotto) (Marche2Brotto), Duvivier and de Sede. Though the style of furniture varies, craftsmanship is central to every curated selection. If you're a lover of luxury velvet couches, glass and marble coffee tables, gold-plated hardware and Togo couches, begin your interior design journey at Domo.